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TR Imports Silver Eagle RZ17HD



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The Ultimate Affordable TR Imports Home Defense Shotgun with Spring Assisted Pump Action
Turkey has a long tradition of quality gun making. TR Imports has teamed up with some of the finest Turkish gun makers in a joint venture to bring top quality Turkish firearms to the US market. The Silver Eagle RZ17 Home Defense 12 gauge is a spring assisted pump action shotgun that gives you a fast rock solid lock-up in the toughest conditions. It has an 18.5" chrome lined cylinder bore barrel with adjustable rifle sights and a 3" chamber, to flawlessly cycle a variety of loads from 2-3/4" to 3" shotshells. The all-weather ergonomic synthetic stock and forend provide great control and an effortless swing. This is a versatile pump action shotgun that is ideal for protecting your home and family, but it would also make a great slug gun for hunting hogs and deer. If you need an affordable multi-purpose shotgun, take a look at the RZ17 Home Defense by Silver Eagle from TR Imports.

TR Imports Silver Eagle RZ17 Home Defense Specifications and Features:
TR Imports Item Number: RZ17HD
Spring Assisted Pump Action Shotgun
12 Gauge
4 Rounds (2-3/4" Shells)
18.5" Chrome Lined Cylinder Bore Barrel
3" Chamber (also accepts 2-3/4" Shells)
Adjustable Rifle Sights
Synthetic Stock
Black Finish
14.25" Length of Pull
Overall Length 39"
Weight 6 lbs 14 oz