Effective 06/21/19 

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Rock Island TCM Hi Cap 22TCM/9mm Combo

Sale $499

If you would like to reserve one send us an email tannergun@comcast.net and we can put your name on one.

Layaway 30 days with a $50 NON Refundable Deposit

We can ship to a licensed dealer for $20

Tanners Sports Center is a licensed dealer and we follow all Federal and State laws. Must be 21 years old and able to pass the PA background.

Get two guns in one with the Armscor 1911 Rock Island Semi Auto Handgun 22TCM/9MM. This handgun comes chambered in .22 TCM that offers superior terminal ballistics when it is compared to the most common handgun rounds. The .22 TCM has light recoil will excellent penetration. When you want to practice with a more common round, you just simply switch out the barrel and recoil spring to the 9mm Luger.

This handgun DOES come with a .22TCM and 9mm Luger barrels and recoil springs.


Specifications and Features:
22 TCM
9mm Luger
4.2" barrel
17 round magazine
Adjustable rear sight
Front post sight
Matte finish
Blued steel
41 oz

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