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Henry Small Game

Rifle 22

No Layaway

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The Henry Small Game Rifle mates the accuracy and smooth action Henry rifles are noted for with a precise, adjustable Skinner peep sight and large lever loop. Small game can be hard to see, and rarely stands as still as a target or tin can. Between the capabilities of the Skinner sight and the ability to take fast follow up shots, you'll even the odds. The rifle features a 20" octagonal barrel and an American walnut stock. The large loop is four season glove friendly. This is a serious hunting lever gun for serious lever gun hunters.

Specifications and Features:
.22 Long Rifle (accepts .22 Long and .22 Short)
Lever action repeater
20" octagonal barrel
16 rounds capacity .22 LR
Adjustable Skinner peephole sight
Large loop lever
American walnut stock
Overall length 38.5"
Weight 6.25 lbs