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1/2 Price

Full Conceal Glock 19

Folding Frame

Sale $299

If you would like to reserve one send an email to tannergun@comcast.net

Layaway 30 days with a $50 NON Refundable Deposit


We can ship to a licensed dealer for $20


Tanners Sports Center is a licensed dealer and we follow all Federal and State laws. Must be 21 years old and able to pass the PA background

Full Conceal has turned the defensive pistol upside-down by providing legally armed citizens with a full sized handgun that collapses and carries easier than most sub-compact pistols. Gone are the days of sacrificing capacity and control for light weight concealability. Now you can have both! The Full Conceal M3D Folding Pistol gives you the handling, control and capacity of a GLOCK 19 Gen 3 in a package not much bigger than your cell phone. No bulky holster or belt clips to give you away, and it's safe to carry loaded in your pocket with one in the chamber. Once unfolded and deployed the M3D shoots and performs just like your trusted G19. Carry anywhere with confidence with out printing or giving yourself away, get the M3D from Full Conceal! 
Please Note:
This is not a complete working pistol. 
This is the M3D Lower Receiver Only with a 21 round magazine. 
It is meant to be used with the slide, recoil spring and barrel from your existing G19 Gen 3 to complete the handgun.

Specifications and Features:
Full Conceal M3D Lower Receiver M3G19FL 
Folding Polymer Pistol Frame 
Black Finish
Overall Length 7.36" 
Width 1.18" 
Folded Rectangular Footprint: 3.5"x7.25" (Completed)


GLOCK 19 Gen 3 - Slide, Recoil Spring and Barrel


21 Round 9mm Luger Magazine

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