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Honcho 410 Sale


If you would like to reserve one send us an email tannergun@comcast.net and we can put your name on one.

Layaway 30 days with a $50 NON Refundable Deposit

We can ship to a licensed dealer for $25

Tanners Sports Center is a licensed dealer and we follow all Federal and State laws. Must be 21 years old and able to pass the PA background.

The name Charles Daly has been synonymous with high quality firearm imports for nearly 150 years. Today is no different. Charles Daly continues to produce superb firearms for sportsmen, competitors, legally armed citizens and recreational shooters world wide. 
The Charles Daly Honcho is a compact shotgun with a Bird's Head Pistol Grip that is ideal for close quarters personal defense or home protection. It features dual action bars to ensure smooth reliable cycling and a positive lock-up. With a 3" chamber that also accepts 2-1/2" shells, you can run a wide Varity of loads from this shotgun. Based on a tried and true hassle free design, you know you can count on a Honcho! This shotgun is short, easy to swing and quick to the target. The Honcho is exactly what you need for a truck gun at the ranch, home defense, and varmint control or even hog hunting. Ready to go right out of the box, be prepared for anything with Charles Daly!

Specifications and Features:
Charles Daly Honcho CF930.157 
Pump Action Shotgun 
.410 Bore 
5 Rounds (2-1/2" Shells) 
14" Barrel with Fixed Cylinder Bore
3" Chamber 
Blade Front Sight 
Bird's Head Pistol Grip 
Textured Forend 
Matte Black Finish 
Overall Length 27" 
Weight: 4.1 lbs

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